About the Association

The National Patient Care Technician Association (NPCTA) is the only association dedicated to the Patient Care Technician Profession. Were a subsidiary of the National Health Care Workers Association (NHCWA) Established to improve the health of the public on behalf of patient’s worldwide through Certification. We believe that all patients have a right to the highest-quality care, all medical facilities should have access to trained and certified staff in order to provide the best care possible – and that all trained healthcare workers should be able to present an official certification of their competency as a care provider. Knowing that the healthcare professional caring for them has been certified can give patients and their families’ peace of mind we’re dedicated to serving the interests of the public. 

In today’s healthcare environment, it is extremely important for medical organizations to feel confident in the capabilities and competency of their staff. The Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT) credential is an objective measure of the experience, knowledge and integrity that is necessary to conduct direct patient care, which provides evidence of an individual’s commitment, competency, and expertise in the patient care technician field. Becoming certified also attests to a level of expertise that non-certified professionals may find difficult to prove. Completing the NPCTA certification process provides a patient care technician with a solid foundation to operate successfully in the industry and demonstrated skill and experience as a patient care technician, which could very well enhance future earning power. The NPCTA certifies patient care technicians who are highly skilled and effective at improving the health of their patients, their families, and their communities.
The National Patient Care Technician Association (NPCTA) offers a formal certification process that requires education, clinical training, experience, and successful completion of the (NPCTA) certification examination for Patient Care Technicians, this is done by creating a combined system of program review which sets standards for the training that prepares Patient Care Technicians for board certification, and testing the competency of individuals in the role of Patient Care Technician, through out their careers. The primary purpose of the NPCTA Patient Care Technician certification examination is to protect the public interest by certifying only those candidates who have the necessary knowledge of patient care technician to practice. The Patient Care Technician examination is constructed to measure entry-level competence of candidates who have met eligibility requirements for certification of the non-credit respective credential.